FEYNMAN – ‘Air’ (fakemusic)

Paris-based artists FEYNMAN releases his debut LP called “Air” on a label called fakemusic. I had the chance to listen to four of the tracks. It’s hard to believe that this fellow has a background in the Dark Techno scene!

All four track are quite laid back, slow jamming alongside the 4/4 beat with influence from different musical eras, as it seems.

The title track uses a cool 80’s arpeggio in the break, adorable! “Early Summer” is a bit faster, using some sound feeling like a mixture of a 303 and a Wah-Wah-pedal, accompanied by nicely broken beats. Track 4 on this selection, “The Farewell Courtyard”, sounds like an homage to John Carpenter. It’s a track that could have been used for end credits easily. As proud owner of a C-64, I love the arpeggios in here as well!

But my favorite is “1-800mylove”, I love the movement in this track! Also arpeggio-driven, yet very housy, this track also seems to work with short sample portions of acoustic instruments. If you listen to it, stay in it long enough to get the last part!

Although not my typical choice of music, I’m quite curious to hear the rest of the LP. Nicely done and indeed a cool breeze for the summer! Worth checking!

Listen to my favorite here, all tracks can be heard on that soundcloud profile:

Written by Selec