Dub Dynasty – ‘Holy Cow’ (Steppas Records)

Dub you crazy, it’s Dub Dynasty (namely Alpha & Omega plus their son/nephew Alpha Steppa) who present their third collaboration album called “Holy Cow”. It was released on Steppas Records in April already.

As expected, this is an album full of fine Dub music. I discovered the genre late in my career as a DJ after I met Mad Professor, but since then, I grab some fresh Dub LPs every summer to get me in the right mood for relaxation.

This album just made it into the list. Very laid back on most tracks and still bass heavy, this is how I like it. Some tracks are pure instrumental, some are more Reggae-flavored, some are deep Dub, so everyone should find some favorite tracks.

My favorite so far is the “Chase Dub”, but Dub and Steppers fans will find lots of gems in this treasure chest. Higly recommended and more than worth checking!

Listen for yourself:

Written by Selec