The Erised – ‘Room 414’ (Med School Music, MEDIC59)

Wow, Ukrainian band The Erised will release their debut LP “Room 414” on Med School Music. And it is not the typical Med School release.

The whole LP is very laid back, yet thoughtfull. The track work almost without beats, but somehow the five band members managed to give me the feeling of a certain in influence without really using it. Hard to explain, isn’t it?

For example “Move On” puts me into a Grime mood, but does not use a Grime beat. The bass and melodics are enough to create the impression. If that was intended, it is very well done!

All tracks are quite melancholic and most of the lyrics deal with everyday problems, but the great mood helps to look over the “Pop” content (at least in most cases; tracks like “Ghost” and “Even if” are examples to prove the opposite).

Very interesting and absolutely recommend for all music lovers. This is no real DJ food, but music to listen to!

Listen to “Liar” as an example track:

Written by Selec