Tritonal feat. Steph Jones – ‘Blackout (Remixes) pt.1’ (Epic Amsterdam)

Next up it’s Tritonal featuring the vocal talents of Steph Jones for “Blackout”, to be more precise the “Remixes pt.1”. It will be released on Epic Amsterdam and includes reworks from Cyantific, LAXX and Arkadiian.

First track of the package is the extended version of the original mix, quite cheesy and a typical “playing the melodic content with chopped up vocals track”. Nothing bad about it, but also not very interesting for me.

The “Laxx Remix” is a quite noisy Dubstep/Trap hybrid with lots of building ups and breakdowns. Playable, but does miss my personal taste as well as the “Arkadiian Remix”, a mid bass heavy House variation of the original idea.

As I thought, the “Cyantific Remix” is the version that might go into my crate. It’s my favorite on this release, but also misses a bit of innovation. I would have loved to hear something different then the “usual”.

But for fans of melancholic dance music, this release is absolutely worth checking and DJs will get tools for different genres. Club stuff, at least for a few weeks!

Listen to my favorite remix:

Written by Selec