TC feat. Stylo G – ‘Storm Brew’ (3beat)

Next up, it’s again TC, this time teaming up with Stylo G , presenting a peak called “Storm Brew” taken from his second album “Unleash The Wolves”. It will be released on 3beat.

A bit cheesy at times with all the pitched vocals and strings, but also a minimal hard hitting Future Dancehall track. A beat, some noises and the throaty bass/lead are just enough to keep the track going, if you ask me. But the parts with the more ravy lead sound don’t mess it up.

TC proves once again that he has a feeling for what is needed for a nice track, although this has more instruments and variations as it would need. Still very playable!

Looking forward to hearing the album. This one is recommended, one thumb up!

Listen for yourself:

Written by Selec