Zak Abel – ‘Everybody Needs Love (Remixes)’ (Atlantic Records)

First review for this week: It’s Zak Abel with the “Everybody Needs Love Remixes” package, which will be released on Atlantic Records.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of the artist before and also did not hear the original track. The vocals indicate that it is a standard uplifting Pop tune, correct me if I’m wrong.

A similar flavor can be tasted with the “Rare Candy Remix”, which is nothing special, but will work well in the right context.

Much more interesting are the other two remixes. The second does feature UK Garage mastermind MJ Cole, who has not released much I noticed in the last years. Anyway, the remix has that late 90’s 2-Step shuffle I loved in that time and adds a funky bassline and nice chords. Nothing special, too, but much more my personal taste.

Also interesting is the “Jarreau Vandal Remix”, which features a minimal, yet very melodic and very modern instrumentation with great live sounding drums and nice sound design. This is my favorite on this release!

So, worth checking if you’re a DJ in a Pop music environment and like to have the special remix on your deck. Two of them will go into my crate, too!

Listen to my fav here:

Written by Selec