Rawtekk – ‘Here’s To Them’ (Med School Music, MEDIC58)

Coming up, it’s Rawtekk with “Here’s To Them”, which will be release on Med School Music in May.

The LP combines indeed the elements of “raw” music with “technological” sound. Very industrial, very crisp, sometimes very distorted and not the stuff for average listeners.

Still, even if I don’t dig that noisy type of sound in general (is that your thing, then check out “Extinction” or “The Hatch”), there are some interesting tracks to be found on the album. “Aftermath” for instance, a speaker-testing stomper, has a certain feeling about it I can’t deny. But also some dope tracks are included, like “Vantage Point”, plus some more melancholic, beatless tunes like “My Love”, “Aeons” and “High”.

My favorite so far is “Restless”, I love that bass movement. Worth checking if you like music that hits you right in the face!

Check out his minimix to make up your own mind:

Written by Selec