Dj Vadim – ‘The Dubcatcher 2’ (Soulbeats)

Already out for some time, I’d like to remind you all about Dj Vadim and his new LP called “The Dubcatcher 2”. It is available on Soulbeats, France.

This is no doubt one of the hottest Dub/Reggae/Hip Hop/Dancehall hybrid LPs within the last months if not years. The list of collaborateurs alone is outstanding: Dynamite Mc, Earl 16, Ghostwriterz, Tippa Irie, Tman (LVLZ), Metropolis (Foreign Beggerz), YT, Serocee, Pugs Atomz, General Levy, Courtney Melody and Max Romeo, to name but a few!

Get it if you do not already own it! Highly recommended and also available on double vinyl. Three thumbs up!

Listen, if you’re still not convinced:

Written by Selec