Anchorsong – ‘Expo’ (Tru Thoughts)

Being released on Tru Thoughts in late April, “Expo” will be the second single from Anchorsong‘s “Ceremonial” LP.

It is hard to put the four tracks into a drawer. “Expo” itself for example has a straight HipHop-styled beat combined with a square/saw bass, african percussion and a guitar played like it was the score for a Western. How is that kind of music called?

Even if I can’t find a name for it, it is great to listen to. “Last Feast” in the “V.B Kühl Remix” is a dope percussive track with a strong Jazz flavor, the “Alternate Version” of “Oriental Suite” has a slight UK Garage appeal (again paired with lots of percussive sounds) and “Gyotens Kalimba” uses the percussion with a backing that could be part of a Deep House track.

So, lots of percussive elements combined with lots of influences from all kind of musical styles. I really like it, and if you’re are music lover with an open mind, this one is worth checking!

No streams yet, sorry.

Written by Selec