Werkha – ‘City Shuffle EP’ (Tru Thoughts)

Nice for a sunday and it will be released on my own birthday in April: It’s producer and multi-instrumentalist Werkha presenting the “City Shuffle EP” on Tru Thoughts.

I’m a fan, even though I was already!

The title track “City Shuffle” featuring the vocal talents of Bryony Jarman-Pinto is an uptempo track with lots of layers to listen to. I simply love the hybrid sound I feel to be between instrumental folk and synth driven uk garage. Very nice!

The other 3 tracks are remixes of “The Invicible”, “Falling Through The Wall” and “A Revolution Blue”. I liked the original “The Invincible” very much, but it is also interesting to hear how it gets transformed into a dark track after the “DVA Hi Emotions” treatment. The other two are nice additions to the EP!

Great music and absolutely worth checking!

As it is hot as hell and will be released not until the late April, there are no streams available yet. Sorry!

Written by Selec