The Frederick – ‘The Deadset Momentum LP’ (No Tomorrow Recordings)

Currently in my soundsystem it’s The Frederick with the “The Deadset Momentum LP” (Sampler 1) on No Tomorrow Recordings.

A preview to the forthcoming album, with 4 selected tracks coming from various directions.

My favorite is “All Black – Reprise”, and I can’t really tell why. I like the House stabs combined with the Hip Hop beat in a DnB tempo, I guess. No sawing leads, but lots of groove!

“Threat Level” and “Arsene” are nice tracks too, but (as regular readers know) I’m no fan of the “loud” leads, it kills the vibe for me, but that is a thing of personal taste. I like the sound design and drum patterns, just a little less would have been more for me.

Almost my favorite is “Ample” with a lower tempo. Sweet to play, nice for MC action and great for scratching sessions!

If you like the Glitch/Trap/DnB hybrids, this is an LP you should check out! Thumb up!

Listen to “Averse” here:

Written by Selec