Secret Panda Society – ‘Fire at Night EP’ (Play Me)

After I took some days off, the first release in 2016 is the Secret Panda Society‘s “Fire at Night EP”, coming along on Play Me.

Three tracks of ravy, quite melancholic club music, this is what we got here. The first track is “Feed The Fire” featuring Josh Rubin, which has a sweet 80’s feeling and lots of bass heavyness whenever the vocals are quiet. With Josh on the mic, it gets too cheesy for my own gusto, to be honest.

Even worse in terms of cheesyness is “We Are The Stars” with Jessica Main. Don’t get me wrong, this is nice music, it just misses my (own, personal) taste totally, but if you’re looking for the longing feeling in music, this is your track on the EP.

My favorite is the second track featuring Jessica Main called “Keep The Lights On”. Again, we have that 80’s synth feeling and a deep mood, but I feel a jazzy influence during the first bars that makes my thumb go up!

So, not my kind of music, but still worth a listen if you like the melancholic type of EDM with stomping, dubsteppish beat patterns!

Sorry, no streams!

Written by Selec