Fish – ‘Move Ya Body EP’ (Four Three Six)

Four by four action with Fish forcing you to “Move Ya Body EP” on Four Three Six.

Four tracks full of versatility for all the Uk Bass fans, starting with “Sin”, which lowered my expectations a bit, indeed the weakest track on the release. A bit too much hardcore references without being hardcore, “Sin” makes no real sense to me.

But after that, the EP takes up some pace. “Wind Up” (using the “Pon De Floor” drum pattern) is packed with Jamaican funkyness and lots of precussive highlights! I think this is my favorite!

The title track has more Club House appeal and is more than playable on the dance floor, ready to “Move Ya Body” of course. Dope! “Hold On” is a bit more experimental and a nice addon, but starts to get boring (for me) over time.

Two nice tracks would justify to get this release, so this is recommended! Worth checking if you like the bass!

Sorry, no streams yet.

Written by Selec