London Elektricity – ‘Are We There Yet?’ (Hospital Records, NHS280)

And on goes the rollercoaster! Hospital Records again, but this time it is London Elektricity with their next album called “Are We There Yet?”, and guess what….

… I love it!

No matter if it is a track from the dope drawer, like “Drop Ship”, a classic soulful musical piece like “Why Are We Here?” featuring the lovely Liane Carrol, beat orientated stuff like “Tenderless” with Emer Dineen or jazzy instrumental pieces like “Tape Loops” (with Hugh Hardie), this release has no fillers, all killers, at least when it comes to the liquid gerne.

Ok, not that I have heard this type of music before, but the new tracks are still super-soulful and took me with them immidiately!

Highly recommended stuff, absolutely worth checking, especially for those who likey soulful liquid DnB! Two thumbs for this one!

Listen to excerpts from the LP here:

Written by Selec