Quantic presents The Western Transient – ‘Nordeste’ (Tru Thoughts)

Nice soulful jazz again, as Quantic presents The Western Transient with “Nordeste” and “Latitude”, coming out on Tru Thoughts.

Not much to say about it, as this is what it is: Soulful Jazz!

I like the happy and uplifting mood of “Nordeste” and also the included “David Montoya Remix”, which has a even more minimalistic approach to the topic. Very useful for DJ work!

The flip called “Latitude” is presented in the “To The Point Version” is a nice addition, very laid back and great to just listen to it!

Recommended for fans for Soul and Jazz, this is nice music! Thumbs up!

Both tracks (original versions) are included in this playlist:

Written by Selec