Strange Faith – ‘Just A Man’ (Tru Thoughts)

As the second single from “WDR5 Radio Album of the Week”-LP (Big up WDR5!) “Love & Poverty by Strange Faith, it “Just A Man” plus “Hits Like Dirt” and “Just A Few Feet From The Gutter”, coming along on Tru Thoughts.

The mixture of country, jazz and soul is a bit far off my usual taste, so I have a hard time to write about this release.

Truth is: I can not judge the quality because I’m no expert, but I hear the tracks for the third time now and I still like them. Sound is big, and all three tracks set me in a nice mood, although “Hits Like Dirt” seems to be may favorite!

Worth checking for fans of the genres and all open minded readers!

Sorry, no streams.

Written by Selec