Dubmatix feat. Anthony B – ‘Detonator’ (Soulbeats Recordings)

Out for a while now on Soulbeats, it is Dubmatix from Canada teaming up with Anthony B for “Detonator”. The release features remixes by Dub Terminator and Dj Maars.

The track is what I call a “heavy stomper”, lots of bass and straight, up front beats. Anthony B fits nicely over the mixture of melodic Reggae Vibe and Dubsteppish foundation, I like it!

The “Dub Terminator” rework has a more synthetic approach to the track and is a nice alternative to the original version. The “Dj Maars” remix needs a bit more flesh in my opinion, but is still playable!

If you don’t already have it, this is more than worth checking!

Check out the original version here:

Written by Selec