Werkha feat. Alex Rita – ‘The Invincible’ (Tru Thoughts)

This is music… Werkha features the vocal talents of Alex Rita for “The Invincible”, on Tru Thoughts for sure.

Very nice, very melodic, very soulful… very good!

I’m an absolute Werkha fan and a bit biased, but this release has a lot to offer. “Invincible” is an uplifting track with beautiful vocals and a nice composition, still staying cool. It comes along with two reworked version by “J-Felix” (love it!) and “Shunya”.

Also included is the “Henry Wu” remix of “Sidesteppin'”, which is missing some originality, but still counts as a nice addition, and a rework of “Falling Through The Wall” by “Jonny Faith”, who gives the track his typical exotic flavor treatment!

More than worth checking if you like music!

No streams yet.

Written by Selec