Johnny Faith – ‘Le Sucre’ (Tru Thoughts)

Coming out at the beginning of October, you should look out for “Le Sucre”, the third single from the debut album of Johnny Faith. It’s gonna be out on Tru Thoughts.

Nice single release packed with good music! It contains the tracks “Le Sucre” and “Dapple City”, both having the Jazz appeal Mr. Faith is known for in my memories. I like the title track best, but they are both pearls in the sea of broken beats!

Also included are three remixes by Roleo, Anomie and Snare Thief, all also australian-based, which give the tracks fresh flavors without loosing the original feeling. I like them alot, especially the “Roleo Remix” of “Dust Settles”.

Absolutely recommended, especially if you like the mixture of HipHop, DnB and other urban beat patterns with ambient, asian soundscapes. Two thumbs up!

Sorry, no streams yet, but look out for it!

Written by Selec