Netsky – ‘Rio (Remixes)’ (???)

Netsky presents “Rio” in reworked versions from Dj Marky, Hush and Subtropics. This is called “(Remixes)”.

Ok, three fresh versions of “Rio”!

First up it’s brazilian “DJ Marky” with the “Summer Remix” trying to get a place in my crate. It’s ok, but I would have wished for something more special. Playable, but no must-have.

The “Subtropics Remix” starts of with a Reggaeton beat pattern and adds a bit more carneval feeling later. Simply made, but a banger for the festival floor for sure.

My favorite is clearly the “Hush Remix”. Hush manages to take the track to a completely different mood without losing the basic elements of the original version. Killer remix of an average track!

Worth checking, the diversity of the remixes justifies to take the time. I like it, fresh remixes in my bag for tonight’s radio show!

Listen to my favorite and please not you call hear all tracks on Netsky’s soundcloud page:

Written by Selec