J-Felix – ‘Keep On (We Ain’t Here Long)’ (Tru Thoughts)

Singer, producer and multi instrumentalist J-Felix presents “Keep On (We Ain’t Here Long)” on Tru Thoughts. It also includes a B-Side called “Black Little Box” and remixes of “101 Reasons” and “Lady T”.

Again, a supersweet release. I love the funky 80s sound of J-Felix and I like it even more trying to imagine how he records the songs playing all instruments himself.

“Keep On” has a Parliament-like funk appeal and grooves like hell. Quite uptempo, this one is suitable for the dancefloor… and of course the roller-skating rink!

“Black Little Box” has a bit more HipHop in it, I really dig the vocals on this one. The funky chord and the brass section add up nicely to Kinny’s voice.

The remixes are quite experimental, I’m not too fond of the “El Train” version of “101 Reasons”, but I absolutely recommend to listen to the “Si Tew Remix” of “Lady T”, which alone would justify to buy the single.

More than worth checking, this is funky 80s sound how it should be done! Great music!

Listen to the title track:

Written by Selec