PARA ONE & The South African Youth Choir – ‘Elevation’ + Remixes (Ed Banger / Because Music)

Lots of people are involved: PARA ONE & The South African Youth Choir present “Elevation” and we get additional remixed material created by Todd Edwards, Boston Bun and Gener8tion. This comes on Ed Banger / Because Music.

First of all: I really love the cover artwork of this release, and it takes me not only higher, but into the right mood for the nice original version.

“Elevation” has this nice 90s House feeling and also adds up a nice portion of that Nuyorican era in my own live as a record collector. Very uplifting and positive!

The “Todd Edwards Remix” is kind of boring, but therefore the right choice for the club. “Kickless” is not just a name for the “Boston Bun” remix, but it really misses any frequencies below 200hz on the drum track, which works surprisingly well! My favorite is the laid back “Gener8tion Remix”, which sounds relaxing and a bit ominous at the same time. Thumbs up!

Although this release is nothing superfancy, I really like the positivity of the original track and the diversity of the remixes, which is absolutely enough to recommend it. Worth checking!

No streams, sorry!

Written by Selec