Nause – ‘The World I Know (UZ & Stranger Remix)’ (Universal Music)

Pop music coming from Nause in the “UZ & Stranger” rework. “The World I Know” is going to be release on Universal Music.

I skip talkin about the original version and the “Jerome Price Remix”, which is btw very catchy after the drop. The difficult part for me are the vocals, which are (matter of taste) superboring.

Even the “UZ & Stranger Remix” can’t change that… of course, they could not completely ignore the vox, yet it makes me not like the track. Luckily, an instrumental version is included. That versions misses some movement (originally being meant to be played with the vocal track), but is still quite playable.

So, fans could check it, but for me it does not do the trick.

No streams.

Written by Selec