Devyn Rose – ‘Falling 4 U: The Remixes’ (Midication Records)

New York based Devyn Rose presents “Falling 4 U: The Remixes” with reworks of Zed Bias, Mob Tactics and Otic on Midication Records.

Three quite cool remixes of I track I did not know the original of before. It is nice, but nothing special, and another existing EDM remix really made the hair on my neck stand up.

But the examples I just heard are worth listening to! First off, it is the quite laid back version of no other than Zed Bias, which start slowly and drops into a bouncing piece of music to instantly make my head nod. No dancefloor killer, but quite playable.

The “Mob Tactics” rework is the first DnB version (a bit EDM styled when it comes to sound design), but ok after the drop. The vocal was nicely used and (also important) NOT used in some passages.

Last not least, the “Otic Remix” is a smooth, liquid DnB version with all the ingredients: A little bleeping, piano, long bass sound and a rolling beat. Nothing special, but usable!

So, definitely an improvement compared to the original version. Worth checking!

Sorry, no streams yet.

Written by Selec