Manu Delago feat. Anil Sebastian – ‘Drumheart’ (Tru Thoughts)

For the second single of the his current album, Manu Delago teamed up with Anil Sebastian to create “Drumheart”. It will be released on Tru Thoughts.

Though his music is hard to play for me (due to the lack of opportunities), I liked the album and I like this single too.

“Drumheart” is a bit cheesy, I miss the deepness of the first single, but in the right context, this is great. Once you get used to the Hang, it seems quite normal to hear it throughout a track, and as far as I can judge, he plays it well!

The “Copenhagen Version” adds some edges to the sound with a grinding bass line and more drum layers. I like both versions, but the rework is my favorite.

Worth checking!

No streams yet, sorry…

Written by Selec