Galantis – ‘Runaway (U & I): The Remixes’ (Big Beat / Atlantic)

Uhh, a tough one. Galantis presents “Runaway (U & I): The Remixes” on Big Beat / Atlantic.

A very cheesy and pop orientated original is always a tricky point of departure for me to write about a heap of remixes. But this case was not as hard as I first thought.

If course, the usual dancefloor/house/electro styled versions are included, that (I’m no expert, maybe I just don’t hear the quality) bore me. They sound uninspired and like I’ve heard them before.

But this release had some pleasant surprises, too. The “LBCK Remix” has a strong smell of disco and is quite funky. Nothing super-special, but quite playable, as is the “Yacht Club Remix”. A mixture of trap, glitch and pop, also no must have, but maybe a good alternative if you like the original track… it gets better the longer you hear it!.

So, worth a listen. Check it out if you like the original!

And check out my favorite:

Written by Selec