Jonny Faith – ‘Neon’ / ‘Firefly (Clap! Clap! Remix)’ / ‘Revolve’ (Tru Thoughts)

And Jonny Faith again, this time with the second single of his debut album: “Neon”, with “Firefly (Clap! Clap! Remix)” and “Revolve” on the flip side. Of course it’s going to be released on Tru Thoughts.

Three really cool tracks on one single release, that’s how I like it. The title track is “Neon”, is a hard to describe hybrid between Soul and Jazz, House and Trap, depending to which elements you’re listening. A twitchy beat, soothing chords, driving bassline and calm vocal mantras, it’s all in there.

The “Clap! Clap! Remix” of “Firefly” has a heavy tribal appeal in the intro part, before it drops in a straight Footwork/Juke tune. Love it!

“Revolve” is a killer (more or less) instrumental track with a nice Hip Hop attitude, but very hectic percussion. Lots of unusual soundscapes round off the picture!

Very nice single, my favorite is “Firefly”, but all tracks are more than worth checking. Tru Thoughts, again and again!

No Streams, but here “Neon” here:

Written by Selec