The Erised – ‘Desire EP’ (Med School Music)

The debut of ukrainian six piece band The Erised on Med School Music. It is called “Desire EP”.

Really surprising. Med School releasing a (to me) unknown act from the Ukraine? I expected punch and grind. Surprising, but not disappointing!

What really came out of the speaker is a sweet mixture of singer/songwriter vocals with a little jazz, some electronic elements and some agitation. Not as cool as Banks, but touching and interesting to hear. Granted, I’m not sure if this is the future of pop, but I like it much more than some of the repetitive EDM trash that floods the german charts.

My favorite is “It’s Over”, even though it’s quite cheesy. More than worth checking if you don’t mind a little suffering in the vocals. Thumbs up!

Listen to two tracks here:

Written by Selec