Quantic – ‘Painting Silhouettes’ (Tru Thoughts)

Tru Thoughts again: Quantic is going to release the fourth single of his “Magnetica” Album called “Painting Silhouettes” in February 2015.

A super-nice track, combining the emotions of sadness, hope and upliftment in a few bars. Minimal instrumentation with guitar, a bit beat and the vocals is all it needs to create a deep atmosphere. Great track, no matter if vocal or instrumental version.

The digital release contains a “Shigeto” rework of “Duvido”, a mixture of minimal latin and jazzy elements. I gave that one airplay at once, the dope character hit me in seconds.

So, two very nice tracks, more than worth checking for all music lovers. No club food, but deep sound.

No streams yet, release is in Feb.

Written by Selec