Ghost Writerz – ‘Back It Up’ (Tru Thoughts)

Ghost Writerz present their first release called “Back It Up” on Tru Thoughts. It features G.O.L.D. & Shiffa Dan, RTKal, Serocee and remixes by Aries & Gold and Ed West.

The riddim fits perfectly into “UK Dancehall” drawer. Very synthetic, fat sound and unusual tempo. Love it! All three version by G.O.L.D. & Shiffa Dan, RTKal and Serocee are quite nice. No anthems, but very playable for dancers and radio audience alike.

The “Aries & Gold Dubs Remix” lifts the title track to DnB tempo. Reduced vocals are a nice idea, as the MCs might sound as like in a hurry. The “Ed West” remix is a nice addition and a bit clubbier than the original.

Nice release, more than worth checking out! I like it!

Listen to the version of G.O.L.D. & Shiffa Dan:

Written by Selec