Breach – ‘The Key (2 Bad Mice Remix)’ feat. Kelis (Atlantic Records)

Remix time: Breach‘s “The Key” featuring the lovely Kelis got treated by 2 Bad Mice. The remix is gonna be released on Atlantic Records.

After I wasn’t that big of a fan of the original version which passed my desk a few weeks ago, I’m now sure about what was the spice the track missed: A good portion of 90 hardcore! πŸ™‚

Seriously, this remix is hard to be enjoyed in its full potential by non-garage or hardcore fans, but if you liked that area, be prepared! The “2 Bad Mice Remix” has got it all: Low basses (“Terrorist”-style), beats in various tempos, vocals snippets… I love it!

Hopefully, there’s more to come from the Mice. Check it out for sure if you’re over 30! Very nice remix!

Sorry, no stream yet!

Written by Selec