Harleighblu – ‘Who’s That Girl?’ (Tru Thoughts)

Coming from the young talent called Harleighblu, it’s her next single from her debut album on Tru Thoughts. Packed with remixes of other tracks and a new feature version, this is “Who’s That Girl?”.

I already played the original version months ago, but what really great about this release are the massive remixes!

“Peshay Remix” of “I Believe”, what more is to say… he takes this one back “Miles From Home” and it got a rewind in last weeks show. Killer! Then, there’s the real great “Sware Remix” of “Sittin’ By The Window”. Great treatment of the original track, hardly recognizable even for fans, giving it a 2014 slow jam taste. Plus: The “Love Like This (Corsair Remix)” is a nice addition, though it’s a bit behind the other two.

Killer release, even if you own the original already: The remixes is what you want! Don’t miss it!

Sorry, no streams yet. Look out for it!

Written by Selec