Quantic feat. Nidia Gongora – ‘La Plata’ (Tru Thoughts)

As a third single of his “Magnetica” album, Quantic is going to release “La Plata” featuring Nidia Gongora on Tru Thoughts.

“La Plata” has this repetitive, hypnotic feel I like much about latin music in general. Nice instrumentation as always and the right mixture of mourning and upliftment!

The two remixes of “You Will Return” featuring Alice Russell are a nice addon for all the djs, with the “Titeknots Remix” being in an oldschool house mood and the “Ahmed Sirour Remix” being somewhat deeper.

And: I really really love the “Werkha Remix” of “Muvelo Negro” (with vocals of Nidia Gongora again)! A super bouncy track with lots of latin elements, but also some 8bit bleeps here and there and a great club-styled rhythm. Big!

Nice single, nice remixes! Quantic fans should have it, all other should try it! Worth checking!

Sorry, no streams, but check it out anyway!

Written by Selec