Youngblood Brass Band – ‘Wrestlevania’ / ‘Cite The Line’ (Tru Thoughts)

“Wrestlevania” / “Cite The Line”, which will be out on the 13th January, is the third single from Youngblood Brass Band‘s fifth album “Pax Volumi”. It’s gonna be released on Tru Thoughts.

The A-Side called “Wrestlevania” is full of musical twist and turns. Very nice to listen to it, I guess especially for instrument players, but also the DJ can quickly hear good all musicians work together. Unfortunately, a bit too tricky to play it in the radio, let alone the club.

But that’s what B-Sides are for: “Cite The Line” has a dope Hip Hop appeal and the rapped lines by David Henzie-Skogen fit well into the instrumentation. Instrumental version is included!

So, very nice if you like live played music! I like it!

Listen to my favorite:

Written by Selec