Nostalgia77 – ‘An Angel With No Halo’ (Tru Thoughts)

Tru Thoughts again, this time it is London based Nostalgia77 with “An Angel With No Halo”. Featured artist on this release is german singer Josa Peit.

“An Angel With No Halo”, nice music hard to describe or put into a drawer. A few years ago, this would have been in the “TripHop/Fusion” crate. Josa Peit sings the tune with a characteristic voice accompanied by a whole orchestra of classic and ambient sounds and soundscapes. No club food, even for radio airplay, the moment has to be right.

But the “Prince Fatty Dub Remix”, which is beat driven, mostly instrumental and of course filled with dub effects is an alternative. I already played in on air, and I would do it again!

It’s always nice to have instrumental and acapella. A very special kind of music, but worth checking for all friends of more jazzy, experimental influences.

Sorry, no stream.

Written by Selec