Lost Midas – ‘Hyper Phase EP’ (Tru Thoughts)

LA based producer Lost Midas sent me his ‘Hyper Phase EP’, which will be released on Tru Thoughts.

Very nice and somewhat unusual music. The choice of used sounds, the chopped up samples, the glitchy production… I like to listen to sounds like that, even if it’s no club music. “Dance Music” has a spacy, even a bit melancholic mood with soundscape typical of 70/80s movies. “No Way Out” sounds a lot like some of the music I know from when I was a kid, a mixture of disco and 80 synth pop. “Boss Man” (which like “Dance Music” features the brother of Lost Midas, NüTrik) is a mixture of jazzy influences and 8bit appeal.

Definitely worth checking out! Very nice for radio airplay and I’d like to hear sounds like that more often when I eat my breakfast at a cozy cafe. Big!

Check out “Dance Music”, with free download:

Written by Selec