Rodney P feat. Harleighblu & Renegade Brass Band – ‘Success’ (Tru Thoughts)

What a combination: It’s Rodney P aka Riddimkilla featuring Harleighblu and the Renegade Brass Band for upcoming single “Success”. It will be released next week on Tru Thoughts.

I got the promo files some time ago and played it on our radio show! I just love Rodney P as a vocalist, the chorus sung by Harleighblu is a nice contrast and this is all accompanied by the sound of the Renegade Brass Band! Great tune!

Additionally, it has got some nice parts for juggling (for a the turntablists), with his all groovy instrumental flow. The single comes with instrumental and acapella, so what else should one want?

Love it! 5 of 5!

Listen up:

Written by Selec