Youngblood Brass Band – ‘Ain’t Nobody’

Big Band // Brass

Coming out on the 12th of August, “Ain’t Nobody” is the second single to be lifted from Youngblood Brass Band’s fourth album, “Pax Volumi”, which follows in September, on Tru Thoughts.

Nothing much to say about this, as I absolutely love their music (although I’m no “I like bands”-type of listener). Both instrumental cuts, the cover version of “Ain’t Nobody” and “E La E” are supernice tracks.

Additionally, “The Plank Will Nod And You Will” is quite nice too, though it is the weakest track on this release. I can’t wait to listen to the album. Hopefully, they tour somewhere near so I can go listen to them live!

Sorry, no streams.

Written by Selec