Natural Self – ‘An Invisible Light’

Coming from futuristic singer/songwriter Natural Self, it is “An Invisible Light” shining from Tru Thoughts.

Very nice music, though hard to play in our show. I love the glitchyness of the “Robinn Remix”, which has complex beat patterns way apart from 4/4. The “Sonnymoon Remix” has a much darker mood with some 70s rock appeal in it. Unplayable, yet nice to listen to if you’re in the right mood.

The Original Version is driven by a straight beat and some arpeggios. Tastes are between 8-bit sound and 70s tambourines alongside some lfo wobbles. Very interesting, no club food for me, but very deep with lots of ideas in it without getting to packed. 2013 music without any repetitions!

No streams yet, but look out for Tru Thoughts on Soundcloud/Mixcloud, you might get a peek there.

Written by Selec