Youngblood Brass Band – ’20 Questions’

As the first single of upcoming album “Pax Volumi”, this is “20 Questions” by the Youngblood Brass Band, which will be released in June on Tru Thoughts.

I really enjoy the mixture of Hip Hop, Jazz and Brass Band. Even though pure instrumental music like “Overtime” is hardly playable in a DJ context, it is nice to listen to it. The title track “20 Questions” has a nice pace and a great live appeal with supportive 90s flow in the lyrics.

My favorite is “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”, which is a little doper in sound and turntable food as I like it. Great drums and bass and energetic MCing in the verses alongside melodic choruses… great track!

Plus: Instrumental versions are included. More than worth checking!

No stream, sorry.

Written by Selec