The Hot 8 Brass Band – ‘Milwaukee Fat’ / ‘Hot 8 Shit’

With a sound coming straight from New Orleans, this it The Hot 8 Brass Band with “Milwaukee Fat” / “Hot 8 Shit” on Tru Thoughts.

As some may know, the sound called “Big Band Musik” here in germany isn’t one of my specialties. But I have an open ear and so should everyone who listens to this.

Why? This is hot shit for sure! The mixture of brass, funk, soul and great broken beat patterns just made my morning! A-Side “Milwaukee Fat” sounds a bit like George Clinton visiting New Orleans, very groovy!

The flip is even nicer in my opinion, as “Hot 8 Shit” combines vocals like in the late disco, early rap year with funky brass. This one gets into the crate for tonight’s radio show!

If The Hot 8 Brass band ever gets near Dortmund to play, I’ll check them out. Until this happens, check out their single and album!

I did not find a stream for this single, but you can hear other tracks of the “Hot 8” here:

Written by Selec