RoughMath – ‘Buzz Kill’

Last not least for today, it’s RoughMath with the “Buzzkill” EP on the new Spawn Records label.

The four tracks are very diverse. “Woe” featuring Jonny Winston is a bit between D’n’B, Pop and Rock Music. Not bad, but not what I like most.

“Buzz Kill”, the title track, is a bit expectable in arrangement and build up, but the mixture of grinding electro and high pitched disco samples catches me like it did in Skism’s “Red Heat”.

Quite fresh is the sound of “Sound In Your System” featuring Maksim. With an unorthodox tempo, it got me right after the drop and this is my favorite on this EP.

Final track “Cold” is a sawing Dubstep track, nothing too special, but with a nice, epic breakdown and definitely playable.

One should keep an eye on Spawn Records. This is not the release of the year, but very interesting and worth checking!

Sorry, did not find any stream to hear this either.

Written by Selec